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Now that you have a node, claim it on a public directory if you want. It is not necessary because your node public key will always be listed but if you claim it, you can give a bit of personal touch.

To claim your node, head over to Amboss and search your node via its public key. When you find your node you can claim it. Click on claim this node.

Amboss Login

Many plebes make the mistake to think that Amboss is asking for their private key here. NEVER REVEAL YOUR NODE's PRIVATE KEY (even if you can figure out how to find it). You just need to sign the message which is provided to you. The process is

  1. Amboss provides you a message (you can copy it)
  2. You sign it with your node's special key which only your node knows.
  3. Amboss verifies that signature with your public key which everyone knows. That reveals that the message was indeed signed by the person (or machine) who knows the private key.
  4. Amboss assigns the ownership of that node to you (since you proved you control the node).

How to sign the message

The simplest way to sign the message is to use ~/umbrel/bin/lncli signmessage {copy the message amboss is asking you to sign} you will get back the signed message which you can copy-paste in the box Amboss is looking for the reply.

You can also use RTL or Thunderhub tools to sign the message. Look under tools -> sign message.

A similar process is used to claim your node for plebnet cheeserobot