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Once logged in, follow the following steps:

  • Go on the page you want to translate, for instance, the Main Page,
  • Click on the link "Translate this page" at the top of the page,
  • In the top right-hand corner click on the blue link "English" (in "Translate to English") to change the target language. For instance, if you want to translate the page into Hindi, write "Hindi",
  • Two columns will appear: on the left, the original English language content, on the right, the content in your target language, which is probably blank if you're starting a new translation,
  • Click on one English paragraph on the left, a text field appears, translate the content, and then click on "Publish translation".
  • Make sure you keep Mediawiki text formatting such as = for titles. For more information on Mediawiki text formatting, click here.