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Suez is a “Tool for pretty printing and optimizing Lightning Network channels.”.

Suez tui.png


A good place to save third party software on your node is the ~/src directory.

   mkdir -p ~/src
   cd ~/src

Cloning from Git

We’ll need to clone the code from github, this is done using git. So let’s first make sure we have git installed:

   sudo apt-get install git -y
   git —version
   git clone
   cd suez

Python & Poetry

Suez is implemented in Python3, and uses ‘poetry’ for its dependencies. Python3 is the default python version if you’re running Ubuntu >= 20.04.

   python3 —version
   pip3 install poetry

Installing dependencies and running suez

At this point you should be able to complete the last 2 steps:

   poetry install
   poetry run ./suez