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Here are some External Resources which can assist you in your journey as a node runner. Install at your own risk and after your own research.

Must Read e-Book by some awesome people like Antonopoulos, Pickhardt and Roasbeef. It's written in simple language and a few hours of effort can really help you in the long run.

bos for node management, rebalancing, telegram interface, command-line interfaces.

charge lnd for automated fee adjustment scripts

Streaming HTLC events for monitoring routing traffic.

Rebalance Lnd for rebalancing

For recommendations to improve your centrality and betweenness

For channel simulation, peer network and other views

Terminal Score Debugger and other tools

Bitcoin Security Guide

Simple Auto Rebalance Script to keep a minimum balance on every channel at a reasonable cost.

LNDg to analyze lnd data and manage your node with automation (rebalancing and much more).

Terminal Web classifies nodes into good and pending and assigns a score. Based on our experience, the score does not materially affect routing, even though it helps attract other nodes to connect to yours (sort of like a marketing tool). You can use the Terminal Score Debugger tool to debug and optimize your node's score.

Balance of Satoshis is an excellent tool to help you optimize channel rebalancing. It'll show you routing hops along with fees for each hop. You can then further optimize rebalancing cost by excluding expensive nodes.

Lightning Jet is a fully automated rebalancer for LND nodes. You can run jet with enforceProfitability set to true in the config file to ensure that all of your rebalances are profitable by default. has a list of helpful resources.