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Creating BoS Telegram AutoStart

The following guide works on every linux distribution with the Systemd Software Manager Tool. I tested in with a Raspiblitz setup, but if you follow the installation process of the BoS tool, it should also work without problems on umbrel. (Everything can also be found in my git repo gitrepo).


BoS has already been installed and an initial connection with your telegram bot has been established. Because if we want to put the bos telegram connection into the startup routine the API-Key of the Bot should already been entered.

Checklist for Raspiblitz

  • Login via ssh: ssh admin@ip.ip.ip.ip
  • Change to the following directory: cd /etc/systemd/system/
  • Create a so called unit-file: sudo touch bos-telegram.service
  • open file with: sudo nano bos-telegram.service
  • copy the following content into it, change CONNECTIONCODE with your own code:
#Systemd unit for Bos-Telegram Bot

ExecStart=/home/bos/.npm-global/bin/bos telegram --connect VERBINDUNGSCODE 

[Install]  </code>
  • Save file and then type the following command in the terminal: sudo systemctl enable bos-telegram.service
  • Reboot your node
  • wait until your telegram bot shows the new connection to check whether the service is running properly you can type: sudo systemctl status bos-telegram.service. Remember lighting needs to be up and unlocked before the bot is able to start.

Please give a feedback on Telegram if the guide worked for you with umbrel, @ziggiesmoke