Balance of Satoshis

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Balance of Satoshis (abbr: bos) is a set of commands for working with LND balances. It is maintained by its creator, Alex Bosworth. Source code on Github.

Active user support also takes place on Telegram Channel: @balanceofsatoshis.


detailed documentation here

  bos --help

     bos 10.4.3


       bos <command> [options]


       accounting <category>               Get an accounting rundown
       advertise                           Broadcast advertisement
       balance                             Get total tokens
       broadcast <tx>                      Submit a signed transaction to the mempool
       call [method]                       Make a raw API call and to get a raw API response
       cert-validity-days                  Number of days until the cert is invalid
       chain-deposit [amount]              Deposit coins in the on-chain wallet
       chainfees                           Get the current chain fee estimates
       chart-chain-fees                    Get a chart of chain fee expenses
       chart-fees-earned [via_peer]        Get a chart of earned routing fees
       chart-fees-paid                     Get a chart of paid routing fees
       chart-payments-received             Get a chart of received payments
       closed                              Get the status of a channel closings
       credentials                         Export local credentials
       fees                                Show and adjust outbound fee rates
       find <query>                        Find a record
       forwards                            Show recent forwarding earnings
       fund <address_amount...>            Make a signed transaction spending on-chain funds
       gateway                             Request gateway for
       inbound-channel-rules               Enforce rules for inbound channels
       inbound-liquidity                   Get inbound liquidity size
       increase-inbound-liquidity          Increase node inbound liquidity
       increase-outbound-liquidity         Move on-chain funds off-chain
       market [pair] [exchange]            Get the history of prices on a market
       nodes [node]                        List and edit saved nodes
       open <peer_public_keys...>          Open channels using an external wallet for funding
       open-balanced-channel               Open a dual-funded channel with a node
       outbound-liquidity                  Get outbound liquidity size
       pay <request>                       Pay a payment request, probing first
       peers                               Get a list of channel-connected peers
       price [symbols...]                  Get the price
       probe <to> [amount]                 Check if a payment request is sendable
       rebalance                           Rebalance funds between peers
       reconnect                           Reconnect to disconnected channel partners
       remove-peer [public_key]            Close out with a channel-connected peer
       report                              Report about the node
       send <to>                           Send funds to a node
       services                            Run a KeySend paid services server
       swap-api-key                        Purchase a swap API key or inspect a swap API key
       swap-in [amount]                    Trade on-chain coins for off-chain via submarine swap
       tags [tag]                          View or adjust the set of tagged nodes
       telegram                            Post updates to a Telegram bot
       transfer <to> [amount]              Send funds to a saved node
       unlock <path_to_password_file>      Unlock wallet if locked
       use <server_id>                     Use a paid KeySend service from a services provider
       utxos                               Get a list of utxos
       help <command>                      Display help for a specific command


       -h, --help         Display help
       -V, --version      Display version
       --no-color         Disable colors
       --quiet            Quiet mode - only displays warn and error messages
       -v, --verbose      Verbose mode - will also output debug messages