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Barka da zuwa PlebNet

Welcome to the Plebnet! We've outlined the main 'guide' on this page. Follow the articles here in order to gain a better understanding of the steps required to join the PlebNet, and getting your node up & running. If you'd like to simply browse around, you can view all our pages Special:AllPages.

Welcome to Plebnet

Please read the above link before anything else! Contains useful introduction and tips.

Getting Started

Are you brand new and perhaps don't quite understand lightning? Do you not have your own node yet? Are you not yet in the Plebnet telegram group?

Please see the Getting started page.

Claim your node

For telegram, DM @cheeserobot and then /claim your node (follow the instructions, you will need to sign a message with your node to prove you are owner of the node).

Then, in the plebnet group announce your node with /node. If you see your own node, success. Repeat in other groups which support CheeseRobot with /node.

Additionally, is one of the best websites for looking up nodes and their basic information. People may go to Amboss to browse your node's info. You can claim your node on Amboss which will allow you personalize your node's profile and add additional information. Use these instructions: Claim on Amboss

Opening Channels

The first question which a pleb has after (or even before) the node is synced "who should I open channel with"

I would say - with a mentor who is willing to spend time with you, teach you the ropes, mentor and guide you to be a better node runner

Of course in the age of google, internet, and instant gratification, this thought can be frowned upon but there is no replacement for a mentor in your journey as node runner.

For information relating to lightning channels, including methods to get inbound liquidity see: Opening channels

Maintaining Proper Node Hygiene

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)


The following link contains some important information about channel backups and recovery solutions so that you have a better idea of how to keep your funds safe.

Let’s Get Personal

Your node can be customized to appear as a name (alias) rather than just a bunch of random letters and numbers. You can also set a color for your node that will show up on various lightning-related websites and programs.


Balance of Satoshis

Balance of Satoshis, or BoS, is a set of commands for working with LND balances. It can do similar things as interfaces like ThunderHub or RideTheLightning. However, your options are much wider with BoS, and you will need it if you want to set up a telegram bot with your node (to get notifications whenever channels are opened/closed, whenever you forward a payment, whenever your node goes offline, and to get automatic channel backups for safety).

For more information, and common BoS commands see: Balance of Satoshis.

Installation: process for Umbrel - Installing BoS. Includes instructions for setting up BoS telegram bot.

LND Configuration Settings Overview

Click the link below for information related to setting up channel size limits, predefined fees on new channels, setting up watchtowers, and other optimization settings.

Running A Profitable Routing Node

Not seeing routing through your node, or your sats are only moving in one direction?

Want more information about rebalancing and fees? Want to run a program that auto-adjusts your fees, or one that gives you KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)?

Your one stop shop for tips on routing node profitability: Running A Profitable Routing Node

Shortcut to auto-fee and auto-KPI instructions

Playground / Sandbox

Click the image below to get information on Plebnet Playground, a place where you can learn and use the lightning network without risking any real money (signet).

Plebnet Playground Logo


A selection of questions frequently asked in plebnet groups. FAQ


All Pages