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In order join [http://plebnet.org PLEBNET], you need a [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_Network Lightning Network] node (more on that later) and [https://telegram.org/ Telegram] to chat and connect with us!
In order join [http://plebnet.org PLEBNET], you need a [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_Network Lightning Network] node (more on that later) and [https://telegram.org/ Telegram] to chat and connect with us!

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In order join PLEBNET, you need a Lightning Network node (more on that later) and Telegram to chat and connect with us!

If you are totally new to the lightning network, and would like to get an overview of how it works before diving in, then read the bitcoiner.guide/lightning guide.


There are several newbie options for getting a Lightning node set up and running. Some of them are software only, some hardware + software.

  • RaspiBlitz is a great option that runs on Raspberry Pi v4+
  • Umbrel is a newbie-friendly package that runs on Raspberry Pi v4+
  • BTC SESSIONS has a good video walkthrough for getting started with Raspberry Pi and Umbrel
  • Security note for Umbrel: Your Umbrel node is only as secure as your network (WiFi/LAN). Be sure to read the Security Disclosure from the Umbrel team. Your funds can be at risk if someone can steal your SSD so protect your node the same way you protect any other valuable at your home. If you are comfortable with command line, you can change the wallet password from command line and then remember to use that password each time you restart lnd or during upgrades (or else your node will not start without correct password for the wallet). Do not keep the wallet password same as the dashboard password or else umbrel will change it back to hardcoded password on next unlock. By default the wallet is unlocked automatically during startup using hardcoded passwords.
  • Start9 is an all-in-one option that includes the necessary hardware
  • myNode is another all-in-one with hardware
  • RaspiBolt has some good information on how to set up the necessary services manually

For additional information about node hardware see the Node Hardware page.


PLEBNET discussion and coordination happens on the Telegram chat platform.

Download the Telegram app and join the PLEBNET group.

The companion Telegram channel PLEBNET Library contains high quality materials collected from chat group traffic.


A Telegram bot that will allow you to join and interact with the PLEBNET.

You’ll want to send a private message to @cheeserobot to claim and add your node. Start with /claim and follow the instructions to get add your node id. Then, in the PLEBNET channel, use /id@cheeserobot to get yourself added to the graph.

Node with 2 channels or more

Also join the NODE RUNNER group. @mention Walton to add you to the other group as well.